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How to Actually Enjoy Traveling to Winter Climates

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This is NOT a joke: Yes, you really can travel to cold climates AND enjoy it! Rather than wishing time away by trying to get through to Spring Break, why not try something new? Even though winter travel and activities require some unique considerations, it can also be an incredible experience that lays the groundwork for great memory-making.

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First things first. The best way to enjoy winter travel is to make the most of it! Get outside, play in the snow, breathe in the fresh air. Embrace the season by seeking out new adventures in unexpected destinations. Have you ever considered snowboarding in Montana, winter ziplining in New York, or snow tubing in northern Michigan? Winter is also a great time for truly one-of-a-kind experiences like viewing the Northern Lights or catching a spectacular meteor shower.

There are some things to consider when setting out for your winter vacation. Just like traveling to a new destination, it’s important to be prepared and educated to avoid any surprises or unforeseen circum stances. Start by planning ahead! Choose your dates and destination first, typically based on what types of things you want to see and do. Next, take the easy road. If you’re not used to driving in snow, this is not the time to start. You’ll have a much better experience by utilizing shuttles and car services. Most winter resort areas are laid out in ways to minimize driving, so typically cars aren’t even necessary.

Save yourself time and money by renting equipment. Winter gear can get pricey, so if it’s your first experience with an activity, don’t just rush out and buy. Often times winter resorts will have a great selection of gear available to rent- this will also cut down on what you need to pack!

When it comes to packing for your winter vacation, remember that dressing in layers is key. Start with a thin base layer, followed by your typical pants and long-sleeved shirts. Throw in a few sweaters, full-zip options are best for layering, and then waterproof outer pants and coat. It’s also important to pack light and heavy layers of socks, gloves, and hats. If you are not used to a colder climate, keep in mind that your appendages will need extra attention- when you layer gloves and socks, it’s easier to adjust for comfort and keep your fingers and toes protected. Other essentials to throw in your bag: lip balm with SPF, sunscreen, hand and face moisturizer, and sunglasses! Protect your skin, eyes, and lips just like you would if you were headed to the beach. 

Our last tip: have fun! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the new adventures that await on a winter wonderland trip. Heading somewhere new often requires an open mind and a sense of adventure - this especially applies to winter vacations! When you’re ready to start planning your winter getaway, our advisors are here to help!

Until next time, happy travels!



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