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Travel Gadgets You Need for Your Fall Vacation

Travel Gadgets You Need for Your Fall Vacation

We’re rounding up the latest tech gear to prepare you for the cooler, darker days ahead. Heated insoles, light therapy glasses, and other tech devices are sure to brighten your fall travel. Here are the top five fall travel gadgets for 2023.

1. Smart Auto Follow Rideable Suitcase - Luggage doesn’t have to be something that breaks your back anymore, especially with the Space Suitcase Auto-Follow Luggage. No need for wearables or remote control, the laser radar with AI-powered control recognizes its owner, making it auto-follow. It stays close, matches your pace, and avoids obstacles. It even has USB ports to charge your phone while you are waiting to board your plane. Note: You may be required to remove the battery pack when you pass through security checkpoints. You can view and purchase the Space Suitcases Smart Auto Follow Rideable Suitcase by clicking here.

2. Luminette - Jet lag can ruin a vacation, but Luminette is here to help. Put them on at the start of your day and go about your morning activities. The photoreceptors in your eyes send a signal to the regulator of the biological clock in your brain. Jet lag will be a thing of the past. You can view and purchase the Luminette 3 Light Therapy Glasses by clicking here.

3. Minipresso - Some people are zombies before their morning coffee no matter where they're traveling in the world. Easy to pack, this hand-operated espresso maker is perfect for all kinds of travel. On a plane or train, camping, and even in the most remote of locations, you’ll still get a perfect shot of inspiration on those sleepy vacation mornings. You can view and purchase the WACACO Minipresso by clicking here.

4. Rechargeable Heated Insoles - Fall vacations can be cold, and nothing can ruin a day faster than feet and toes that have turned into icicles. These insoles are designed to keep your feet warm even on the chilliest of days with three levels of heat which can be changed by a remote control. Charge them overnight and they’re ready to go in the morning. You can view and purchase the Coowalk Heated Insoles by clicking here.

5. Scrubba Bag - Laundry can be a challenge on extended vacations or when you’re packing light. The Scrubba Bag gives a machine-quality wash in just a few minutes. Designed as a modern take on the old-fashioned washboard, it’s made to be ultra-portable and easy to use. It is twice as effective as hand washing and a lot more hygienic than a dirty hotel sink. Weighing only 5.3 ounces and folding to pocket size, this packable washing machine will allow you to travel light, clean, and easy. You can view and purchase the Scrubba Bag by clicking here.

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Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, with others or solo, these accessories are sure to make your fall vacation more enjoyable. Which one did you like best? We would love to know. Also, be sure to share your favorite accessories with us.

And there you have it, my fellow adventurers! The must-have travel gadgets for your next adventure.

Remember, a great travel agent is like a magician who can turn your dream vacation into a reality. So go ahead, ask away, and let the planning begin!

Until next time, happy travels!



Reach out when you’re ready to plan your next memorable vacation. Remember to book well in advance, even six to nine months before travel! Click below to schedule a complimentary vacation consultation!

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